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Zonker - Excursion Green

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If you're looking for the highest of the high in the Napsack realm, well look no further. The Zonker snoozing system is what you seek. With all the glorious features of our traditional Napsack but with a 25 °Fahrenheit or -4 °Celsius rating, 75D 260T micro-poly body and liner fabric, 650 goose down creating the loftiest of loft and baby soft fabric, this makes this the king of the Napsack Family.

We've been everywhere in our Napsacks and have had the opportunity to find the best way to freshen them up without causing any damage, fading, or clumping. 

1.) We highly recommend NOT using a washing machine to wash your Napsack.  

2.) Instead, hand wash in cold water with a light detergent. 

3.) Rinse well, being sure to rinse out all detergent. 

4.) Lay flat to let air dry (not in direct sunlight) OR throw in a dryer on low heat with some dryer balls or tennis balls, just something that won't let the filling clump together. 

5.) Enjoy your clean Napsack! 


The Napsack can be worn in many ways. How you plan to wear it will influence your sizing decision. If you want to sleep in the Napsack with the bottom cinched closed and you are within 3 inches of the upper limit of the recommended height, we recommend you size up so that you have a comfortable amount of space for your feet. To walk around or lounge in a Napsack simply cinch the bottom of the Napsack around your waist and fold the extra material over.

Small/Extra Small - Fits up to 5' 0" tall.
Medium - Fits up to 5' 8" tall.
Large - Fits up to 6' 3" tall.
Extra Large - Fits up to 6' 8" tall.

  • Fully Reversible.
  • Sleep, Lounge, and Walk modes.
  • Zippered shoulders allow the free use of your arms in Lounge mode.
  • Drawcord bottom can be cinched shut for Sleep mode.
  • Cinch drawcord at waist for Walk mode.
  • Soft Ripstop Nylon Exterior
  • Thermastuff synthetic insulation
  • Handwarmer pockets and 4"x 5" accessory pockets on each side.
  • 18" x 8" stuffsack included
  • 2-2.5 lbs 

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